About This Site

This website has one simple aim: To help others maximise their chances of securing a summer internship with the most actionable and concise advice in the field.

Why do this?

I decided to create the ‘internship game plan‘ shortly after my own application season, collating the most useful hacks I had come across. This advice was crucial in helping me secure investment banking summer internship offers at Barclays and a technology-focused Boutique called Torch Partners. After completing the summer internship at Torch Partners, I spent a year working there full-time.

After preparing to renovate and share ‘internship game plan 2.0’, I quickly realised that the content was outgrowing the Google Docs file it was contained within, which eventually led to making the website.

Where it all began

I started posting snippets from the game plan document I made on LinkedIn, covering different application components that applicants should aim to master. Then creating a website was a natural evolution of those snippets to house the content in an easy-to-access structure.

If you’re interested in targeting the most actionable, specific advice that will help you maximise your chances of internship success and build your own ‘competitive advantage’, then this site is for you. I also aim to share future posts that will help you weigh up whether Investment Banking is something you want to pursue – ‘counting the cost’ is something many of us are guilty of not doing probably before relentlessly trying to get in.

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