About This Site

About This Site

This website has one simple aim: To help others maximise their chances of securing a summer internship with the most actionable and concise advice in the field.

Why do this?

Back in the summer of 2020, I decided to create the ‘internship game plan‘, collating the most useful hacks I had come across. This advice was crucial in helping me secure an investment banking summer internship at a rapidly expanding boutique called Torch Partners that specialises in the technology-advisory space.

After preparing to renovate and share ‘internship game plan 2.0’, I quickly realised that the growing list of adjustments would not combat one of the biggest obstacles I faced: knowing how to harness the 80/20 principle i.e. identifying the 20% of preparation that accounts for 80% of the results so as to reduce stress and prevent burnout.

Where it all began

So every week since the beginning of 2020, I have been launching posts on LinkedIn covering a different application component that you should aim to master and this site will make accessing those snippets of advice easier.

If you’re interested in targeting the most actionable, specific advice that will help you maximise your chances of internship success and build your own ‘competitive advantage’, then this site is for you.

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